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I will mirror stuff here, but my primary postings can be found at


ABOOMBONG: amnemonic
ABOOMBONG: asynchronic
ABOOMBONG: aboombong
Azwarm: a morning’s work
para!helion: Midaq Alley
para!helion: 3 Miles From Mecca
¡para!helion: >3
¡para!helion: Fourth: When Technology Fails
Waltz Bop Shop: All My Idears are Flawed in Sum Way + Quartet
Waltz Bop Shop:
Name Dropping at Angela’s and Melting
Waltz Bop Shop: All my idears are played live today
Waltz Bop Shop: A whisper in the airwaves
Choke: Choke (e.p.)
Choke: Hard to Swallow
Choke: Gauze/Total Reverence
The Jonny Cats:
Last- Ode to Sergio
Outer Space Tonight
AOS: Rip It up! + live tracks
AOS: live and Raw in the Pit also (some cleaned-up live tracks)
left blank
Super Naam: two rough cuts of two tracks
Throw it out there, not away
The Build-your-own-ambient-Sundae bar
Psychic Enemies Network:
Valis (with bonus tracks)
Psychic Enemies Network: P.E.N. (with bonus tracks)
Boom Dispenser: A Chronic Groove Feeder

Most of these links will allow you to download in FLAC, MP3 and Ogg Vorbis. Let me know if you have a request for a FLAC/WAV version of any of the other MP3 only files.

Banksy Cat in Tokyo

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The Jonny Cats bandcamp page now has the whole catalog – so you can make your own Cat Box set.

aboombong – anaphora (new release)

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artist: aboombong
album: anaphora
style: musique concrète, ambient, spoken word
aboombong – field recordings, fetal heart monitor, happy apple, Kawai K3; 
Random – beats; 
Carl – words. 
This one is a cross generational collaboration between my grandfather (pictured, on the left) and my son, born 101 years apart. Available name your price on bandcamp. Enjoy, and if you do, spread the word.